Communication, Experience Keys for New Deputies

New deputies are training to patrol the roads of Fond du Lac County. Deputy Matt Remenschneider tells us he’s combining the things he’s learned at the academy and a prior correctional job with everything he is being taught by his field training officers to make sure he is ready to hit the roads on his own. 

He says “in some cases, the investigation will get turned over to the bureau, so we have a lot of the preliminary questions we can be asking and be kind of building the case for them, so I think it’s along the lines of them instructing us on how to handle certain situations.”

He adds that there is a lot of information to grasp, but there are certain things he had to learn that cannot necessary be taught. He tells us “learning how to talk to people is huge. You can know all of the information in the books and that, but if you don’t know how to talk to somebody – how to get your point across or how do you communicate efficiently with somebody. So the academy is big with learning the rules of the road and techniques and things like that, but you’ve got to know how to apply those things.”