Community Development Department Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement projects for the Fond du Lac Community Development Department will include improvements to a parking ramp, parking lot lighting and a bike sharing program. To extend the life of the Macy Street Parking Ramp repairs will be made over several years. The ramp handles about 1,000 vehicles a day. The investment in the parking ramp will include budgeting $100,000 for improvements each of the next three years with more money after that when there are fewer capital improvement demands. Community Development Director Dyann Benson says they will also replace lighting in five City parking lots with LED lighting, which is more cost efficient. Both parking ramps have already been upgraded to LED lighting and the City has realized a savings of $60 to $200 a month depending on the time of year. The City also looked at a bike sharing program, but the first proposal was $100,000. A second look found one for $30,000. Benson says they already know of two community partners that are interested in sponsoring a bike sharing station.