Community Surveys Out as FDL School District Prepares to Pay Off Debt

The Fond du Lac School District is set to finish paying off their debt for the new high school at the end of this month – and they have sent out a community survey to see which new projects residents are in favor of funding. Superintendent Jim Sebert says the responses will help them figure out what to put on upcoming referendums. 

Sebert tells us “this is an opportunity for us to ask the community for their perspective on up to $145 million worth of facility projects that we have, just in terms of updating schools and maintaining schools. With the caveat that with that debt paid off, we have $68 million worth of projects that we could do at no tax impact.”

Sebert adds that it’s important to have the opportunity to “gauge the community’s perspective on our facilities study and some of the facilities projects that we potentially could tackle with the community’s support. And it’s an ideal time for us to ask the community for their perspective because at the end of October, we will make our last payment on the debt on Fond du Lac High School, which is a twenty-year loan.”

Sebert says the surveys “started hitting mailboxes last week, Thursday October 4th. And then some people were still getting them in mailboxes on Friday, October 5th. So people still have – they had this entire weekend before that just passed – and now we have this entire week up until Monday, October 15th when the surveys are due.”
The questions were formed after a facilities study looked into what kinds of improvements or maintenance were needed at buildings across the district – including safety upgrades at schools that may be more than fifty years old.  
If you want to fill out the survey but haven’t received one or threw it out – contact the school district or superintendent’s office.