Computer Voice Stress Analysis Determines Lies from Truth

An analysis process used by the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office can detect whether a suspect is being truthful with investigators. Unlike the traditional polygraph, the Computer Voice Stress Analysis cannot be impacted by outside factors – like a medication in someone’s system. 

Detective David Olig tells us that because it reads certain parts of your voice, it’s not a system that can be cheated. He says “when we’re talking there are parts of your voice that you can hear, and there are parts that you can’t hear. So depending on the format of questions that you ask, the computer will detect stress. It’s something that you can’t control. It’s like if your – you can’t tell your body to stop sweating if you’re nervous or if your mouth is dry. It’s the same thing with your voice.”

Olig says the analysis is only used if the defense in a case requests for the testing to be done. He adds that the interrogator works with the person being questioned to form the questions and make sure there is no confusion on what is being asked.