Concealed Carry During Traffic Stops

Law enforcement officers never quite know what to expect when they pull over a vehicle. State Patrol Sergeant Luke Newman says the possibility of weapons being in the car can be a concern – but he says most concealed carry permit holders are good about telling him about any firearms they may have. Newman also says everything is good – as long as he knows where the gun is located. 

He asks people to not “go reaching for it – I don’t necessarily need to see it. I want to know where it’s at – but you don’t need to pull it out of the glovebox or wherever it’s at and show it to me. Just so I know where it is, and I would instruct you to just stay away from that area so it doesn’t look like you’re going for it or that type of thing.”

Newman points out that if he spotted a gun that someone didn’t mention right away – the situation may become a bit tense as other thoughts could begin going around in his head as to why a driver is armed.