Concern Over Threat To FDL High School


A threat on social media and rumors about more threats led to a number of parents pulling their kids out of classes at Fond du Lac High School Wednesday. District officials say it began with angry comments made in a lunchroom Tuesday. District Health and Safety Coordinator Marian Sheridan says there is no danger to students. She says they did increase police presence to make sure students and their parents felt safe. A Snapchat photo was shared identifying comments related to a “revolution” that was to occur during the lunch hours. That situation was immediately investigated and the students involved were addressed. The student is no longer in school.  Sheridan says that inappropriate statement made on social media spread and fueled rumors about more threats. She says it is unfortunate that information was put out there that made people frightened. Sheridan says they are proud that students, parents and staff report things when they are concerned about it. 

Fond du Lac’s High School principal sent a message out to parents after concerns were raised on social media about threats against the school. According to the message from Michelle Hagen they informed students this morning that a threat had been made against the school. It started with some angry statements that were made in a lunchroom Tuesday. The students involved were identified and the school administration and school resource officers investigated. The situation was resolved the same day. Students were informed there was no threat to their safety.

Here is a copy of the message that was sent to parents:

Students, this morning we are hearing concerns among students that there is a threat that has been made against the school. Please know that your safety is always the most important factor in our daily work.  Yesterday, there were some statements made in the lunchroom in the heat of anger.  Those statements were immediately identified, the situation was thoroughly investigated by the administration and the School Resource Officers, and the students involved were immediately addressed.  The situation was resolved yesterday and there is no threat to your safety or that of the high school.  Thank you all for your concern and bringing this to our attention as the safety of the high school is all of our responsibility.