Confidence In The Kitchen

The Fond du Lac Salvation Army is offering an additional way to help some of the 1,300 households in need who regularly use food from their food pantry. Connie Millard of the Salvation Army says Ann Herman approached them about offering a cooking class. She says, “Ann Herman started and we began this concept class that would address these two big topics; budgeting and cooking healthy and nutritious meals focusing on many of the items we have in our pantry.” The Confidence in the Kitchen Class offers six two-hour classes. The class size consists of eight people. It didn’t take long for the Salvation Army to find community partners that wanted to be involved in the effort. Millard says, “So it really is a tremendous team of really inspired experts and they are doing this because they no it matters and they know the difference that it makes.” Because those taking the class might not have all the tools that are needed in the kitchen the Salvation Army has also begun a kitchen registry at Kohl’s where you can buy and donate kitchen utensils. For more information call the Salvation Army at (920) 923-8220.