Congressman Glenn Grothman Introduces Student And Teacher Safety Act

Congressman Glenn Grothman recently introduced the Student and Teacher Safety Act. It would allow schools more flexibility with existing federal funds to make physical safety improvements to campus facilities, and support local education programs aimed at improving school safety and security. It would also assist in coordination between schools and local law enforcement to identify threats. Grothman says the shooter at a Florida high school had over 30 prior contacts with Police without being charged with a crime because of a previous Obama Administration policy. He says “It was encouraging this sort of policy. I’m introducing a bill in the future forbidding Departments of Education from issuing guidance’s encouraging school districts to get involved in programs in which people are not charged with crimes.” He says flexibility in allowing school districts to use federal funds to improve school safety is also a key component of the bill. Grothman says, “Right now of course a lot of federal dollars flow into school districts, but we want to make sure the local school districts have more flexibility to use those dollars for school safety.”