Congressman Grothman Continues Town Hall Meetings in the Area Today

Congressman Glenn Grothman will be in the area again today
as he continues a series of Town Hall Meetings around the district. Grothman
tells us he’s been hearing a lot of feedback from people around the district –
including quite a bit about the impeachment inquiry the House has started into
President Trump. 

He says people he’s heard from believe there’s too much emphasis
on investigating the President, and not enough work on actual issues –
something the Congressman agrees with. “I think it is getting to the point
where it’s dragging down things that should be getting done in Washington and
aren’t getting done,” Grothman said. “There was a good trade agreement that President
Trump entered into with Canada and Mexico – and what I get to vote on is
determined by Nancy Pelosi – she will not let us vote on a trade agreement, in
part because she’s spending all her time on impeachment, and in part because
she doesn’t want Donald Trump to get a success.” Grothman says there are issues related to student loans and other topics he’d like to have brought up for a vote, but the focus on President Trump has put those issues to the side. 

People interested in sharing
their thoughts with Congressman Grothman have two opportunities to do that today
with his Town Hall Meetings. One is s scheduled from 10:30 until 11:30 this
morning at the Black Wolf Town Hall just south of Oshkosh, and another
scheduled from 1:30 until 2:30 this afternoon at the Eden Community Center.