Congressman Grothman Hears Constituents Concerns During Open House For New FDL Office

Residents of the 6th Congressional District had the opportunity to see Congressman Glenn Grothman’s new Fond du Lac office and express their concerns about the Federal Government during an open house Monday. Grothman says people had issues in several areas. He says that included health care, changes in Medicaid, and the Federal debt. Joan Blatz of North Fond du Lac is retired. She worked for the state Corrections Department for 25 years. She says she is pretty well set, but changes proposed in Medicare and Medicaid could affect some of her friends. She says two friends on Medicaid are worried they will lose it because of some the adjustments that have been proposed. The Congressman’s new office in Fond du Lac is at 24 West Pioneer Road behind the Walgreen’s at the corner of Main and Pioneer. (Pictured in the foreground Joan Blatz with Congressman Glenn Grothman)