Congressman Grothman On Clinton Emails

Congressman Glenn Grothman says it will be interesting to see from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail how much was covered up about the attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The House’s Benghazi Select Committee has issued subpoenas for those e-mails. Grothman says he’s surprised it took this long to learn about her use of personal e-mail for State Department business. Clinton tweeted Wednesday she wants the public to see the e-mails and has asked the State Department to release them. Grothman says people do use personal e-mail on their jobs, but certainly not at that level of government. He says when the e-mails are released we may learn how much of a cover-up there was over the Benghazi terrorist attack. The Campbellsport Republican believes the controversy over the e-mails hurts Clinton’s credibility as the Democratic presidential front-runner.