Congressman Grothman On Ryan Announcement

Congressman Glenn Grothman says rumors around the Nation’s Capitol made Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s announcement that he wouldn’t seek another term less surprising. Grothman says, “Well obviously it is sad to see one of your colleagues go. To be honest most of the rumors in the Capitol over the last month were that Paul was going to run for reelection and then leave in January. So really this isn’t as big a deal as I think the national media are making it.” Grothman feels if Republicans retain the majority in the mid-term elections they will go to their number two or three in line for the Speaker’s position. He says, “Well obviously people are going to turn to the current number two a guy named Kevin McCarthy from California. There’s also been some focus on Steve Scalise who is right now our number three guy from Louisiana and of course received national attention when he was shot last year.” Grothman says Ryan will now be able to devote plenty of time before November to make sure Republicans maintain a majority in the House.