Congressman Grothman On Terrorist Attacks On Paris And Syrian Refugee Plan

Congressman Glenn Grothman says the terrorist attacks in Paris over the weekend were tragic. He says it’s a huge tragedy. He says it shows one more time that there are an evil group of Muslim extremists who are always going to try and attack targets in the West. But Grothman is also asking President Obama to halt his plan to allow as many as 100,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. until the U.S. Intelligence Community can guarantee the program does not pose any threats to national security.  He says the U.S. is already taking in so many immigrants from other parts of the world. He says if people who live in Syria or other parts of that world don’t like their country or living in an Islamic country they can move to another Islamic country. At least one of the terrorists responsible for the attacks in Paris used a Syrian passport to gain entry into Europe. Grothman says he will be encouraging amendments to the U.S. budget to prevent President Obama from using taxpayer money to settle Syrian refugees in the U.S.

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