Congressman Grothman On Trump Budget Proposal

Congressman Glenn Grothman says President Trump’s Federal Budget will works towards a balanced budget and reducing the national debt. He says they do plan to do some tax reform by lowering the tax rates, which will cause the economy to grow. He says part of it is spending less, but also getting more tax revenues in. He says he does like that they are being more aggressive in reducing spending so we do manage to end up with a balanced budget in a few years. But balancing the budget is an effort that Trump proposes will take ten years. Grothman also defends the cuts that are proposed in the budget. He says in general when we are this far in debt some things are going to have to be gone after. He says the cut, which will be described as “Draconian,” if you just zero in on non-defense, non-discretionary spending you are still only looking at a cut of  about 10 percent which he feels isn’t that great. But Democrats are criticizing the cuts to Medicaid and low-budget assistance programs saying it cuts programs for too many vulnerable people.