Congressman Grothman Pleased With Gorsuch Confirmation And Swearing In

Congressman Glenn Grothman feels the long wait to replace United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was worth the time. Justice Neil Gorsuch was sworn in this week. Grothman says the three branches of Federal Government are supposed to provide checks and balances for each other, but he feels the Supreme Court hasn’t done that over the years. He says the courts are supposed to keep the trains on the track and prevent Congress from doing things they shouldn’t be doing. But he says the courts have not been doing that and there has been a slow erosion of power over the last 100 years. He says the 49-year-old Gorsuch should provide more of the conservative influence the Court is in need of. He says maybe Donald Trump will be able to make more than one appointment to the Court and get what Grothman feels is the “weak link” in Federal Government back on track. Justice Scalia died on February 13th of 2016. His successor’s appointment provided fodder for Congressional, Senate and the Presidential campaigns last year.