Congressman Petri Participates In Peace Corps Events

Congressman Tom Petri, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RCPV) who served in Somalia (1966-67), participated in events on Capitol Hill yesterday encouraging young people to consider volunteering in the Peace Corps and shared his experiences. He spoke at an information session in the morning.  Petri told the crowd that his experience in the Peace Corps has helped him gain a greater appreciation for how other people view the world and a greater appreciation for the opportunities we have in America. In the afternoon, Rep. Petri participated in a call-a-thon sponsored by the Peace Corps where he called three constituents from the Sixth District who have expressed an interest in joining the Peace Corps, but have not completed their application.  He left voicemails for two, and talked to a third about the experience and the application process, which was recently changed to be more user-friendly and allow applicants to choose where they wish to serve.  He wished all the best of luck.

Congressman Tom Petri in his Peace Corps days.