Construction Season Starting to Heat Up in FDL

As the weather gets warmer– the
season of orange cones is getting into full swing. Road work seems to be taking
over parts of Fond du Lac
already, and while it can sometimes be frustrating – the Department of Public
Works asks drivers to just be patient. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says
they try to keep as much access to roads, parking lots, and other areas as they
can. Skiff tells us that they “try to write into our contracts temporary access
to all properties will be maintained throughout the project.” He adds that “I really appreciate when people call with questions, we usually have a
good answer for what they’re seeing.”

Major projects coming up
include the repaving of South Main
from 5th Street all the way to 21st Street,
near Gilles – and parts of Highway 23 between Fond du Lac and Rosendale.