Contested Race for Lakeside Municipal Court Judge on Ballot

For the first time many years, there will be a contested race for the Lakeside Municipal Court Judge on the April ballot. Incumbent Jerry Jaye is facing a challenge from Ripon attorney Douglas Iverson for the judgeship. Jaye has served as the court’s judge for 22 years, and says his experience is what sets him apart. “22 years of working with the ordinances and statutes involved, there’s a lot to be said for that,” Jaye said. Jaye adds that he, along with other municipal judges around the state, serve on committees that serve as educators to other judges. He points to his service on the Wisconsin Municipal Judges Association Legislative Committee – a group that re-wrote statute chapters 755 and 800 that are the municipal court statutes, as further proof of his experience working with statutes and ordinances.

The challenger in the race, Doug Iverson, is an attorney in Ripon who practices several different areas of law, including general practice, estate planning and probate. “A number of years ago, I was a special prosecutor for Green Lake County, which is, essentially doing ordinance violations for the county,” Iverson said. “I’ve spent three years on the Ripon Common Council as an alderperson, which put me on the Fire District Board and the Library Board, and I see this as an opportunity to serve a wider community than just the City of Ripon.” Iverson says after 22 years, a change is needed for the court. “I just feel that it’s time for a change. An attorney should be the judge, and I think that brings a different kind of skill level than what the incumbent possesses,” Iverson said. “I think 22 years is a long time on the bench and I think it’s time that we have an opportunity to choose.”

Lakeside Municipal Court serves 15 municipalities – 11 in Fond du Lac County and four in Green Lake County, and hears cases involving ordinance violations and traffic issues. The court heard nearly 11,000 cases last year.

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