Contingencies Made For Election

Fond du Lac County Clerk Lisa Freiberg and municipal clerks across the County did their best to make sure turnout for Tuesday’s election was good and it paid off with more than 7,900 voters casting their ballots. The 15 percent of registered voters who did cast their ballots was the highest percentage for a February election that Freiberg can recall in her time as clerk. The Village of Fairwater had a power outage and was prepared to open up an auxiliary bin for ballots, but power was restored before any voters came in to vote. Freiberg says, “If somebody would have voted they would have put their ballot in the auxiliary bin. However in the time that they had no electricity they had no voters either so that worked out well.” After hearing about the icy forecast Freiberg called County Highway Commissioner Tom Janke Monday and asked that he make sure their crews were out salting roads near poll locations, something other clerks did in their areas. She says it was, “A reminder of an election if you wouldn’t mind if your people can, you know just kind of make sure if possible a little extra salt is spread, things like that.” Freiberg also talked with the County’s Clerk of Court in case there was a delay in opening one of the polling locations then she could ask a judge to order the location stay open longer to make up for the time they were closed.