Costs Could Be Added To FDL City Budget

While briefing the Fond du Lac City Council on the proposed 2018 City Budget, City Manager Joe Moore covered three areas of cost that could add about $325,000 to the budget. Moore says building security will be beefed up for the City-County Government Center with public access limited to the north entrance of the building. He says new security equipment and staffing will come to about $250,000. He says the City’s share isn’t currently in the budget, but would come out to about $75,000. He says the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership is also asking for about $172,000 in addition to their normal requests. He says he will be scheduling time with the DFP executive director and the chairman on their board to speak with the Council. Moore also says it will cost about $80,000 to hire a firm to do an implementation plan for the recommendations for improvements downtown. He says the firm will give a presentation during a luncheon at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts next Monday.