Could Be A Long Flu Season

Seventeen children died of the flu last week in the nation, but none of those deaths were here in Wisconsin. Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says we are peaking for the number of flu cases now so if you have flu symptoms they are recommending “social distancing.” She says, “It is recommended that you stay home and isolate yourself from other people. Don’t go to work don’t send you kids to school if they have those types of symptoms.” Flu symptoms include, fever, a cough, sore-throat, runny or a stuffy nose, body aches, head aches, chills, and an over-all tired feeling. She still recommends getting a flu shot if you haven’t had one. Some health care officials say this year’s flu could last until May, but Mueller says typically they see their last cases in March or April. She says, “If we can go two weeks, a two-week period without having any positive cases then we consider the season over.”