Could Changes Be Coming To Rolling Meadows Golf Course?

A Tuesday meeting was held at Rolling Meadows Golf Course, with a goal of starting discussion on what changes could happen at the golf course to put it back in the black, from a revenue standpoint.

FDL County Executive, Sam Kaufman, made it known this week that something needs to be done at the county-owned course, after he announced that the course if roughly $2.6 million in debt.

In a statement issued on his Facebook account, Kaufman said, “in accordance with my continued commitment to fiscal transparency it is time for a very frank and open public discussion on the future direction of Rolling Meadows Golf Course. Let me be up front that I enjoy the beauty of golfing at Rolling Meadows, but my duty to the public to be fiscally responsible is paramount.”

Kaufman continued by saying most citizens do not realize that (1) the golf course is county owned and (2) the county has over many years consistently used both money from the county general fund and sales tax money to cover annual golf course deficits. Currently the golf course over a period of years has accrued a deficit of around $2,600,000.

“The annual deficits have ranged from $1,400 as a low to a high of $215,000. Each year the county has used county funds to cover these deficits. After meeting with my Finance Director it is forecasted that annual deficits will continue if no action is taken. The thought process in the past has been that the county, if necessary, could sell the land and recoup the deficit monies paid.”

Kaufman pointed out that the county has reached a point “where continued deficits will result in the accrued deficit total exceeding the value of the land. The citizens of our county need to be aware of the financial status of the course and participate in the discussion on the future of the golf course, including raising fees, renovating or building a new clubhouse for a year round venue or selling it.”

The Tuesday meeting held at Rolling Meadows Golf Course had roughly 45 people in attendance along with 13 county supervisors.

The vast majority of the public that showed up, voiced support in keeping the golf course, and look at what options could be looked at to create more revenue, including remodeling the clubhouse to provide a year-round venue.

An Ad-Hoc committee is going to be created to do research and come back with options that might be available to created to assist in moving the golf course into a positive trajectory on the revenue side.