Council Hears From City Attorney Regarding Proposed Ethics Code Changes, Mullen Says No Power Grab In Play

The Fond du Lac City Council had their first chance to hear from City Attorney Deb Hoffmann regarding proposed changes to the City Ethics Code.

One of the changes would remove hearings that have in the past, been heard in front of the Ethics Board, and move them to either the Municipal Court or the FDL County District Attorney’s office. Councilmember Donna Richards is not in favor of it.

” I don’t know why one would not have hearings at the Ethics Board level so people have a chance to be heard.”

Last week KFIZ News had referred to the proposed changes as a potential power grab by the City Attorney. Councilman Patrick Mullen disagreed with that characterization.

“That’s really not the case. Review by the City Attorney is meant to ensure that the complaint is legitimate and won’t fail due to a technicality.”

Council is set to review the changes again at their next scheduled meeting November 23.