Council President Rejects Pro-Life Proclamation

The Fond du Lac City Council met Wednesday night for the first time this year, and included in the  meeting was a review of 2020 from City Manager Joe Moore, as well as an update on the 2040 Comprehensive Plan presented by Community Development Director Dyann Benson. Prior to that, there were a few tense moments in Council Chambers as Council President Brian Kolstad implemented the rarely-used Supplemental Rule 6 to deny a proclamation that would have recognized the month of January as Pro Life Month in Fond du Lac.

“With this rule, it is the presiding officer’s privilege to present or reject any proclamation presented by a councilmember. Today, I will exercise that privilege to not present this proclamation. In my opinion, this proclamation has value only as a political statement with little to no value towards building goodwill within our community.”

Councilman Dan Degner then made a motion to supersede the President’s position by having Councilmember Arletta Allan sign the proclamation, which again is allowed by rule, but that motion failed. It’s likely that the proclamation will be brought up again at a future meeting as an action item.