Council Set To Discuss Lakeside Park Project Again Tonight (2/10/21)

The Lakeside Park Alternative Master Plan continues to draw both conversation and criticism, and there might be a bit of both as the Fond du Lac City Council looks to discuss the Enhancement Agreement tonight at their scheduled meeting.

The Management Team’s presentation back in January resulted in the proposed Amphitheater being taken out of the plans, for now, and to hold 3 test concerts to gauge the level of interest in the community, as well as potential locations for an amphitheater down the road. There will also be discussion relative to adding another 50 days onto the original 120 days that was agreed upon for review of the plan. The Management Team has proposed adding two public information meetings in that time period.

If past meetings are any indication, the bulk of the time will be spent on the location of the proposed restaurant/multi-use building. The management team has moved the current location further west, but opponents of the plan remain steadfast in their concern that the building is still located on the lighthouse peninsula. Council is set to meet tonight starting at 6:00 p.m.