Council Votes 4-2 To Pause Lighthouse Peninsula Project, Miller Looks To Find Common Ground

The Fond du Lac City Council voted 4-2 Wednesday night to temporarily pause the Lakeside Park Alternative Master Plan project until May 12. The decision is designed to give Council at least two weeks to ideally meet with the donor group, Lakeside Forward, and determine if common ground can be found to move the project forward.

Council members Tiffany Brault, Keith Heisler, Kay Miller and Patrick Mullen voted in favor of the pause, while Arletta Allen and Donna Richards voted against, with Council member Ben Giles abstained.

Council President Miller asked “what is our middle ground? What does it look like? Can we bridge the gap? Can we heal this community, can we come together?”

Council member Allen said, “I am absolutely opposed to anything that involves us pausing at all. This has been one of the longest dragged out quests of a lifetime.”

Council adjourned the regular session and moved to closed session where they were to take up the conversation further, specifically what options were on the table, and what the legal ramifications might be depending on what steps are taken next.

Council is set to meet again May 12, with council member Donna Richards expressing hope that a meeting with the Lakeside Forward group could happen prior to that. The donor group announced late last week that almost $6 million has been committed to the Alternative Master Plan.

Envision Greater Fond du Lac Executive Director Sadie Parafinuik, spokesperson for LSF, told KFIZ News that the group would be meeting this week.