County Board Elects Kaufman As Chairman

It’s been a very long and emotional month for the FDL County Board of Supervisors, having to navigate through some very unfamiliar territory following the unexpected passing of County Executive Allen Buechel.

The Board has had to meet in a number of special sessions, to both decide the best next steps, while also voting to approve the nomination of Erin Gerred as the Interim County Executive. Gerred will fill that role until about June 10, following the June 7 special election, upon which a new County Executive will be named.

Tuesday night, the County Board of Supervisors met again, this time in their organizational meeting, and administered the Oath of Office to the newest Board Supervisors.

The new board also elected Sam Kaufman as their new County Chairman.

That position had been held by Martin Farrell, who chose not to run again.

Kaufman is also the only official candidate for the County Executive position.