County Board Postpones Action On Clean Energy Resolution Indefinitely

A resolution supporting clean energy choices was postponed indefinitely by the Fond du Lac County Board last night. In a narrow 13 to 11 vote supervisors voted for the postponement. County Executive Al Buechel said the resolution had to do with allowing third parties to finance clean energy alternatives for smaller projects. A couple of speakers urged board members to vote against the resolution saying it was about wind energy and would undermine the board’s vote last month asking for a health study on the effects of wind turbines. However Tom Schuppe told the board it was about solar power, geo-thermal and bio-gas energy alternatives and was for small systems. Supervisor Dennis Stenz said the resolution was a wide open statement. Supervisor Judy Goldsmith urged passage of the resolution saying it is bad policy for the board to get involved in political issues, which she didn’t think was what the resolution was about. The board also unanimously approved a resolution supporting design and construction of a four-lane facility on State Highway 23 from Plymouth to Fond du Lac.