County Budget Presented to Supervisors

The Fond du Lac County
budget was presented to supervisors this week. County Executive
Al Buechel says the 2019 budget will require a tax levy over $44 million, which
is an increase of about $711,000. Buechel points to interest they
have earned from investments over the past fours years, saying the county can
use about $1-million in interests to give employees a two-percent raise next

The Harbor Haven Health and Rehabilitation
required no levy
this year or next year – which saves about $300,000 to be used somewhere
else. Even with the higher levy, the tax rate is expected to be about $5.93 per
thousand dollars of value on a property, which is a 14-cent drop from this

The Fond du Lac
Board is expected
to approve the budget at their meeting on November 8th