County Clerk Issues Reminders for Absentee Voters

Absentee voting is already being accepted for the August 14th primary election here in Fond du Lac County. County Clerk Lisa Freiberg admits the end of summer gets distracting with taking vacations and getting the kids ready to go back to school. 

But Freiberg reminds voters that the election is now less than a month away, so it’s important to get an absentee ballot if you need one. She says “it creeps up on us pretty quickly, and all of a sudden we realize it’s election day. So right now those absentee ballots are available to any qualified voter in Fond du Lac County.”

Freiberg also says you have to be registered to vote in order to receive a ballot. She reminds people to double check, especially when considering “have you moved? Changed your last name? Any of that stuff, making sure
you are registered. Because if you’re registered and you’re requesting an
absentee ballot, you cannot get that absentee ballot until you’re registered
with that municipality.”

Voters must also check along party lines, Freiberg mentions “if you absentee vote, be very very careful that you stay
in the same party. If you happen to – say you want to vote for the sheriff’s
race, but you also want to vote for a Democratic governor candidate and you
send it in that way, that ballot is not going to count.”

The deadline for voters to have a ballot mailed to them is August 9th – but it must be returned by 8:00pm on election night. Clerks are also required to be available for in-person absentee voters until 5:00pm the night of Friday, August 10th