County Clerk Predicts Record Midterm Turnout

week, the state saw the more voters cast a ballot in a primary election than
any primary since 2002. Fond du

saw over 17,000 people pass through the polls. 

Clerk Lisa Freiberg says 
“people want to keep it the
same or see a change – we don’t really know right now because we hear it from
different people. But the interest is there, and that does bring me to – I
think we’re going to have a record midterm in November also.”

Looking at the numbers, Freiberg also thinks “People are interested whether it’s on the local, state, or federal
level. I am already taking these numbers and looking at my numbers for
November, because as I said last week – I do need to get my paper orders for
the November ballot and we have ballots available come September already for
the November election.”

Freiberg adds that “I will be stocking the ballots and talking to the municipalities to
have plenty of voter registration forms on hand. Because please remember people
who are listening – you can register on Election Day in Wisconsin.”