County COVID-19 Numbers Not Following Same Path As State

The COVID-19 numbers in Fond du Lac County, thankfully, are not mirroring
what’s going on in the rest of the state. As of Friday, there were 52 active
cases, 6 hospitalized, 102 recovered cases and now 157 total confirmed cases.
The statewide numbers paint a much different picture. 

The WI DHS reported 511
new COVID-19 cases, marking the 3rd day in a row of large amounts of
positive cases. The 7-day average of positive cases is 387, but five of the
last seven days have seen 450 positive cases or more. It’s also important to
note the positive number of cases, based on daily testing numbers, was at 5.1%,
which also marked the fourth day out of five that number was at or below 5.1%.
There are now 54 labs currently performing tests, capable of a daily testing
capacity of 14,140 tests.