County Resident Out $16,000 In Scam

For the third time in a week, a county resident has lost a substantial amount of money as a result of a phone scam.

A Campbellsport female notified the FDL County Sheriff’s Department Saturday morning that she had received a call from an anonymous person, stating her son had been in an accident and needed to be bailed out of money.

The woman’s husband proceeded to remove $16,000 from the bank and wired the money to the anonymous person.

The woman did inform authorities that they were able to contact their son and did verify that he was not in an accident, but by that point the money had already been wired and there was no way to make contact with the scammers.

Residents are again being reminded to not wire money to people you don’t know, don’t give out personal or financial information and don’t allow others access to your financial accounts.