County Supervisors Approve Dead Chicken Claim Over A Few Laughs

An animal damage claim left some Fond du Lac County supervisors in a fowl mood this week. The Town of Eldorado put in a claim for $870 for 27 chickens that were killed and one duck that was severely injured by a dog. Money from dog license fees goes into a kitty that pays for those types of claims. Although there were three witnesses mentioned in a report only one saw the dog trotting across a field with a dead chicken in its mouth. That was sufficient evidence for County Supervisor Tom Dornbrook who is also the Campbellsport Police Chief. He says it has been his experience that the dog probably did all the damage and not just to one. Supervisors had a hard time keeping their composure when it was mentioned that these were “Show” chickens. Supervisor John Zorn said if that was the case they should have been better protected. He went on to say you can go to Festival Foods and buy a chicken that is already cooked and roasted for $6. A motion to have the County’s Corporation Counsel spend more time looking into the claim was overwhelmingly defeated and the County Board approved payment of the claim.