COVID-19 Cases Drop, But 11 Deaths Reported Friday In FDL County

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to drop in Fond du Lac County, but there was a spike in reported deaths on Friday (3/11/2022).

The Fond du Lac County Health Department reported 11 new deaths on Friday, but cited a delay in how the information is relayed from county Medical Examiners and state health departments as to why so many deaths were reported in one day.

Only one of the deaths occurred in March. The remaining 10 date all the way back to January. The county has now reported 231 deaths attributed to the virus.

There were 6 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus reported Friday, with a drop of 1 in active cases. The county is still monitoring 107 total active cases heading into the weekend.

Hospitalizations continue to decline, with just two people receiving care in county hospitals due to complications from the coronavirus.