COVID-19 Negative Tests Approach 1,300 In FDL County

Fond du Lac County has now received 1,267 negative tests as result of the COVID-19 testing. As of Monday afternoon, there were 60 recovered cases, 70 confirmed cases and 7 active cases in the county. 

The latest statewide numbers show over 61,000 negative tests along with 2,882 recovered cases. The DHS site shows a supply of 1,255 ventilators in the state, with 327 in use. The hospital dashboard updates are also showing 337 hospitalized in the state due to COVID-19, with 124 of those patients in ICU. 

In talking to local health professionals, they say it is possible to be admitted to an ICU, without having to be connected to a ventilator. According to SSM Spokesperson Shelly Haberman, as of Tuesday morning, there were not any patients hospitalized in Fond du Lac, Waupun or Ripon relative to coronavirus.