COVID-19 Negative Tests Now Top 515,000

Wisconsin saw its fifth straight day of increases in confirmed COVID-19 cases. There were 539 new cases on Saturday, topping Friday’s count of 520. The 7-day average has been increasing as well. Wisconsin had an average of 270 new cases daily back on June 16. As of Saturday, that number is now at 392. 

The 20-29 age group continues to account for the highest total of all cases, at 22%, followed by 30-39 at 18% and 40-49 at 16%. Also of importance is, while the three age groups have the highest case totals, they also make up some of the lowest hospitalization counts as well, accounting for about 19%. For comparison, 15% of people ages 50-59 who contracted coronavirus, required hospitalization. As of Saturday, over 515,000 people have tested negative for COVID-19.