COVID-19 Negative Tests Now Tops 670,000, 79% Recovery Rate

Two days, two new records in a row. Just a day after hitting an all time high in the number of COVID-19 cases detected, Wisconsin hit another high on Saturday. The Department of Health Services says 845 people have tested positive for COVID-19, that’s up from Friday’s previous record high of 754 positive tests. There were a total of 12,702 new test results, with 6.7% coming back positive. 

Measuring the percentage of new cases returned in tests each day helps differentiate if increases in cases are due to greater spread or more testing, according to DHS. The seven-day average has also risen over the past few weeks, with an average of 7.5 percent of tests coming back positive. D H S is calling on all Wisconsinites to protect themselves and each other this weekend by wearing masks and staying socially distanced. More than 670,000 tests have come back negative since testing began. Of the positive cases, 27,329, or 79 percent have recovered.