COVID-19-Related Bills Pass, Thiesfeldt Issues Statement

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt, released the following statement after the State Assembly voted on and passed three COVID-19-related bills he authored.  Assembly Bill 23 and Assembly Bill 25 both provide freedom of choice when it comes to the new COVID-19 vaccines, and Assembly Bill 24 ensures that churches and places of worship can no longer be closed down due to COVID-19:

“It’s now been almost a full year of us facing the virus, and many churches and places of worship have been held in limbo, not knowing when or if they can open their doors.  Worshipers and parishioners have lost their personal connection with their communities of faith at a time when many of them need it the most.

This also comes at a time when suicides, mental illness, and drug use are all on the rise.  Our bill, Assembly Bill 24, ensures that local health officials cannot close down churches or places of worship due to COVID-19.  It’s now been a year, and we are starting to see the devastation so many shut downs have had on individuals.”

Further, I am for vaccine choice, especially when it comes to the new COVID-19 vaccines, which have not been fully approved by the FDA and are on the emergency track.  Assembly Bill 23 and Assembly Bill 25 ensure that no government authority can force any individual to be vaccinated for COVID-19, and that the COVID-19 vaccination cannot be required as a condition of employment.  We are advocating for personal choice and the betterment of all, especially for vaccines that are unknown as to long-term side effects. 

Everything health-related is on an individual basis, and so should vaccines be, especially when there could be genetic predispositions that could make a vaccine dangerous to a certain individual.”