COVID-19 Testing Is Up, Confirmed Cases Also Up

Wisconsin saw its second straight day of 300+ new cases confirmed of COVID-19. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services said 331 new cases were confirmed on Saturday. That followed the Friday number of 304. 

It’s important to note that testing for coronavirus has gone up dramatically as well. There are now 48 labs testing in the state, producing almost 11,000 tests each day. Governor Tony Evers has said he wants to see at least 85,000 tests per week, which would mean an average of just over 12,000 per day. 

There were four more deaths listed on Saturday with the total death toll now standing at 266. While DHS says 5,789 patients have tested positive for coronavirus, over 57,000 tests have come back negative along with 2,665 recovered cases. There are 361 COVID-19 patients hospitalized, including 143 in ICU, and 319 are on mechanical ventilation, throughout the state. According to the DHS, 1,376 patients have been hospitalized during their treatment.