COVID-19 Testing Remains Steady, Positive Cases Rise In FDL County

There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground when it comes to the mask mandate rolled out by Governor Evers that went into effect Saturday. There’s not much middle ground either when it comes to translating the COVID-19 numbers. It seems like the audience is split when it comes to those who believe the numbers, and those who think it’s all just hype. One thing is for sure. The numbers are the numbers. 

FDL County saw an increase of 32 positive cases over the weekend, bringing the total confirmed cases in the county to 575. The total active cases also rose to 108, with now 461 Recovered cases. It’s easy to say hospitalizations “doubled” but you also have to be clear about the fact that the county went from 2 people hospitalized to a total of 4. The total negative tests have now topped the 14,000+ mark. With a great many public events going on over the past weekend, the next two weeks will prove to be interesting, to see if there are any noticeable spikes, or if the pandemic actually starts to subside, as many thought it would by this time.