Coyote Sightings in Kiel, Residents asked to “Leave them Alone”

After a number of coyote sightings, police in the City of
Kiel are asking residents a simple favor – leave them alone. The Kiel Police
Department said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that appearances of wildlife in
the city are nothing new – as it is surrounded by fields, farmland, woods and
the Kiel Marsh. Sightings have been reported recently on 6th street
in Kiel, and others were spotted near Sisson Park and near Cemetery Road. Police
and the DNR say the animals are most active at dusk and dawn, and more often
than not, they will run from contact with humans. Residents can yell or throw
something near a coyote to scare it away, but most importantly – they should be
left alone. Police do say if one exhibits signs of being aggressive, to call
the department for assistance.