Criminal Complaint Filed in Closs Kidnapping Case

Police in Barron County say the suspect in the kidnapping
of 13-year-old Jayme Closs told them he chose her after seeing her get off a
school bus.  Details about the
investigation into Closs’s kidnapping and the murder of her parents were laid
out in a criminal complaint that was released today.  The suspect, Jake Patterson, made his first
court appearance today and was ordered held on five-million dollars bail. Closs
managed to escape his custody last week and has been returned to her

According to the complaint, Patterson told police that he
entered the Closs home and shot Closs’s father with a shotgun. He then
allegedly found Jayme and her mother in a bathroom, tied up Jayme, and then
shot Jayme’s mother. He stashed Jayme in the trunk of his car and drove
away.  The report says what followed next
was a harrowing ordeal that included Patterson making Jayme hide under a bed in
his remote home in the northern area of Gordon, Wisconsin.