Critical Time For Dodge County Sheriff Record Keeping System

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department has reached a critical time with its problems with its central records keeping system New World. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says it handles all their records and is the brains of their dispatch center handling all information for their 911 calls. It also is used for all police reports, photos and medical documentation for jail staff. He says next Tuesday they will meet with New World representatives to try and work out some of the main problems they’ve had. He says they are still withholding a large chunk of money from them because of the poor performance. He says in the mean time they are not standing still. Thursday Schmidt met with key staff to start putting together information for a request for proposals for a new system should their meeting with New World representatives not go well. He says among the problems they’ve experienced is the crashing of the system. He says that’s something they can ill afford with their 911 system.