Crossing Guards 90th Birthday Marked

Waters Elementary School celebrated Crossing Guard Mrs. Jane Peterson’s 90th Birthday at their December 14 Monday Morning Meeting. She has been Waters School’s crossing guard on the corner of Park Avenue and 13th Street for the past 22 years. Waters’ students and staff sang Happy Birthday, created cards or posters for her, and presented Jane with a gift basket. Mrs. Daniels, Waters’ Principal, shared, “We love Jane and her family was kind enough to call and let us know that they were bringing cake for the students to celebrate her upcoming birthday.  We had a great time celebrating together and so appreciate everything that Jane does to help our students be safe each school day! She is one fabulous lady!” Presenting Jane with cards were (L-R) Austin Zinn, Easton Hidde, and Evan Mostek while Mrs. Daniels provides assistance.