CSI Releases Suicide Numbers For FDL County

CSI of Fond du Lac County recently released an updated fact sheet detailing the impact of suicide in Fond du Lac County. Tammi Kohlman from CSI tells KFIZ News the most recent data shows that more men die from suicide in the county than women, but women are also impacted by suicidal thoughts or self-harm.

“When we look at the number of individuals who visit the emergency department or require hospitalization for self-harm treatment, for those the majority are female. Just because the number for men is higher, doesn’t mean they’re the only ones that are struggling.”

Kohlman says the data also shows a difference in age groups impacted by suicide, with 15 percent of teenagers in the county reporting having considered suicide or self-harm in the previous year. To read the full data sheet and learn more about suicide prevention resources, visit csifdl.org.