CVSO Encourages Keeping Dollars Local when Donating to Veterans Groups this Holiday

It’s the season of giving – and many people around this
time of year are looking to not only give gifts, but also give a monetary
donation to a charity or cause they support or believe in.

When it comes to donating to a charity targeted toward
helping veterans, Fond du Lac County Veterans Service Officer Rick Patton says
it’s important to keep in mind your local VFW, American Legion and other
veteran groups. “There’s a number of different veteran’s organizations here in
the Fond du Lac area that are legitimate,” Patton said. “Just like on ‘buy
local Saturday’ after Black Friday, that money stays in the community – they use
it to help other veterans in the community.”

Patton explains that just like with any charity – there are
a number of “imposter” charities out there that pose as a group that helps
veterans, but their actions prove otherwise. He encourages people to use sites
like or to do research on a charitable
organization before you give.