Dallet Running For State Supreme Court

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet says she wants to fix the State Supreme Court. After 11 years as a prosecutor and nearly 10 years as a judge she’s running for the high court. She feels special interest money has poured into the court to buy justice. She believes Justice Michael Gableman, whose seat she is running for, should have recused himself when the court took up the John Doe case. She says the State Supreme Court needs a meaningful recusal rule. She says, “I think that will go a long way to restoring that confidence. We need to restore civility on that court and really move toward restoring faith in our courts and our leaders and the people of our state deserve that.” Dallet is also proud of the way women have taken a stand on being victims of sexual assault and harassment. She feels it is important to level the field as well when it comes to the number of women who serve on the bench in Wisconsin. She says, “In our state as a whole of all the judges we have only one in five are women, so we have work to do and I’m glad that we are starting to do that work, to hear those stories and move toward a place  where we have a level playing field for everyone.” Dallet points out she is the only State Supreme Court candidate with nearly ten years of experience as a judge. She faces Madison lawyer Tim Burns and Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock in Tuesday’s primary election.