Dan Kohl Running For Congress

He is running for Congress on his own merits, but Dan Kohl won’t be able to entirely emerge from the shadow of his better known uncle. Kohl like former U.S. Senator Herb Kohl is a Democrat. He is running for the 6th Congressional District seat. He says his uncle set a good example for the way politicians should interact with their constituents. Dan Kohl has been a business executive, non-profit leader and did some lobbying in the nation’s capitol. He says the 6th Congressional District is not adequately being served by incumbent Congressman Glenn Grothman. Kohl says he’s running to be a voice for the many not just for those at the top. He says right now the 6th District is being represented by the single most partisan member of the House. It hasn’t created a single job. It is not making health care more affordable. He says it defies common sense and it is just not how we do things in Wisconsin.  He says his top priority is working to create a better economy that gives people of the 6th District opportunities and higher wages. He says more affordable health care is also a priority. Dan Kohl lives in Ozaukee County with his wife and their three children. (Facebook photo)