Dangerous Driver Arrested Saturday Morning In FDL

A very bizarre and scary start to a Saturday morning ended with a 24-year old male driver being arrested. It started with calls coming in just about 7:30am Saturday morning, where an out-of-control vehicle found it’s way onto the boulevard near Salty’s Seafood and Spirits on Scott and Park. The driver managed to work his vehicle back into traffic, making his way south on Park Avenue, weaving back and forth and actually driving into traffic that was headed north. 

The vehicle at one point drove off the road and onto front lawns and sidewalks for nearly a block, just narrowly missing at least a dozen vehicles as well as pedestrians walking and running. The vehicle continued down Park Avenue, turning off at one point in the area of Arvey Lane, where FDL Police joined in the pursuit of tracking down the suspect. The vehicle finally blew a front driver’s side tire, and ended up at the parking lot of the Galloway House, where police were able to apprehend Christian Lieske. Lieske was taken into custody and faces charges of OWI as well as Bail Jumping.